Mission Statement
The Cannabis Resolution is an organization created to educate people of Cannabis and its benefits, in order to bring about its cultivation in the United States of America. Cannabis  has over 50,000 potential by-products that can and will have an auspicious impact on the future of our world. Since the dawn of civilization Cannabis has been utilized for a multitude of functions, from food to paper and from cement to medicine. And now due to new technologies Fuel, as in ethanol, and plastics can be added to the list. Most importantly Cannabis is a sustainable, ecologically friendly crop, which has little to no harmful impact on the earth. Because of the positive outcome that Cannabis has it is important that the Cannabis Resolution further the movement towards a sustainable and prosperous future by educating and changing current laws through open forums, pamphlets, mailings, tutorials, web support and fund-raising. (We are currently trying to get non-profit status)

Cannabis Resolution
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